Pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, consumers (“Customers”) of Lenovo who will purchase, from a participating retailer within their country of residence, a Monitor and a PC (Notebook or Desktop) as detailed in point 2 ("Qualifying Products"), will be eligible to claim a cashback amount, receivable via bank transfer, as set in point 9.
  1. Promotion Period

    This promotion shall be valid in: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom, from 00:01 of 1st August 2017 to 23:59 of 31st March 2018 (included). The promotion will be valid in: Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, from 00:01 of 1st September 2017 to 23:59 of 31st March 2018 (inclusive). This promotion shall be valid in Luxemburg, from 00:01 of 1st January 2018 to 23:59 of 31st March 2018 (included)

  2. Qualified Product

    A Qualified Product is the combination of two Lenovo promotional products; Monitor + PC (either a Notebook or a Desktop). The Promotional monitors are those with a minimum diagonal of 21.5” and belonging to one of the following series: LI2264d, LI2364d, L24i-10, L24q-10, L27q-10, Y27f, Y27g, Y27g RE. The promotional PCs are those belonging to one of the following series: Lenovo Desktop Consumer (all the Ideacentre models, Legion series) • Lenovo Notebook consumer (all the IdeaPad Models, Legion series, Yoga Series).

    For the full list of the promotional products please visit the dedicated section on the promotional website https://lenovocashback.com

  3. The promotion is valid on in-store and online purchases made, during the promotional period, from participating retailers and from Amazon (operating within the Customers’ country of residence).

    This promotion is open to consumers residing in the participating countries (as set in point 1) acting as a natural person, who, at the beginning of this promotion, have an open bank account and who act as "consumers" (hereinafter "customers"). Legal entities (business) and "professionals" are excluded from the promotion, i.e. those who act for purposes related to business, commercial or professional activities. For those customers that will use, as proof of purchase, an invoice, it will be possible to take part to the promotion only by submitting a claim as a private consumer.

  4. The Terms and Conditions apply to the Customer and the Promoter; the Customer’s participation in the promotion implies acceptance of these.
  5. "Lenovo" employees and organisations associated with the promotion are excluded from the promotion. Claims related to the promotion must be submitted to the promoter exclusively by the participant. In no event shall third parties be permitted to submit a claim on behalf of the customer.
  6. The promotion is managed by a third-party company, Opia Limited, based in 15 London street, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8AP Company registration number 06021170 in its own name and on behalf of “Lenovo”
  7. In order to take part to the promotion, Customers have to submit a claim online through the website https://lenovocashback.com providing a copy of the proof of purchase or invoice (hereinafter "proof of purchase) of the qualifying product, within 7 (seven) days of the purchase date. This period shall take effect from the date of purchase indicated on the relevant proof of purchase which will count as day one. Taking into account that is admitted the non-contextual purchase of the promotional products, the 7 days window to register will run from the date of purchase of the last item. The model and the purchase price of the qualified product has to be clearly indicated and paid in full. The promotion cannot be combined with other initiatives such as discounts, coupons or vouchers

    Following the purchase of a promotional product, the second purchase must be made in the subsequent 14 days (monitor and PC or vice versa). Should the second purchase not be made within this window, the claim will be deemed invalid. Also in this case the 14 days will run from the date of purchase indicated on the proof of purchase that counts as day 1 (one)

  8. In case of missing or non-valid proof of purchase, the customer will be notified via email to the email address provided during the online registration process; consequently, the customer will have seven (7) days to send a valid proof of purchase. Should the promoter not receive the above-mentioned documentation within 7 days, the application will be rejected. It is the customer’s responsibility to check, periodically, all inboxes, including the SPAM folder, to ensure the correct receipt of all communications.
  9. For each Qualifying Product purchased, it will be possible to proceed to a single Cash Back claim. During the period of validity of the promotion, each customer can submit a maximum of two (2) claims.

    The amount of the reward will be related to the Promotional Monitor purchased, in accordance with the below table:

    Promotional Monitor (Size)Promotional Monitors (Series)Cash Back
    21,5 inchesLI2264dA
    24 inchesLI2364d
    27 inchesL27q-10
    Y27g RE
    Cash BackFinland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France (EUR)Poland (PLN)UK (GBP)Denmark (DKK)Norway (NOK)Sweden (SEK)
    A€30120 zł£30200 kr300 kr300 kr
    B€40160 ‎zł£40300 kr350 kr400 kr
    C€50200 ‎zł£50350 kr450 kr500 kr
  10. Provided that these Terms and Conditions are met, the promoter will make payment of the cashback amount, via bank transfer, within 30 days of the confirmation email. Please allow an additional 5 days to receive the funds, due to delays not attributable to the promoter.
  11. The Promoter reserves the right to carefully monitor the use of the https://lenovocashback.com, including the IP addresses of the user, so that they can identify any abuse and consequently reject the related claim if the Promoter believes that there has been a breach of these "terms and conditions".
  12. The promotion is not transferable to other consumers or companies. Requests will only be accepted by the original purchaser (final consumer) of one of the Qualified Product
  13. If Lenovo and/or Opia, at their discretion, should reject a request due a failure to comply with these "terms and conditions", their decision shall be final.
  14. The Promoter is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other failures or damage of any kind to the extent that this prevents you from or otherwise obstructs the client in participating in the Promotion.
  15. The e-mail address for all correspondence concerning the promotion is: info@lenovocashback.com
  16. The postal address for all correspondence relating to the promotion is: PO Box 523, Gateshead, NE8 9EN, United Kingdom.
  17. Promoter: Lenovo S.r.l., Segreen Business Park Via San Bovio, 3 Edificio - 20090 SAN FELICE - Segrate (MI), VAT Number 04771300961. Please do not send any applications or promotional correspondence to this address as it will not be responded to.

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