Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers are eligible to claim a cashback reward equal to the product value up to £100 in the UK and €100 in the Republic of Ireland via redemption when purchasing a Qualifying Product (as defined in Table 1 below) together with any other product (Basket Boost product) from Currys PC World (Qualifying Retailer) between 00.01 on 22nd July 2019 to 23.59 on 31st January 2020 (both dates being inclusive). Cashback is limited to one claim per product and two claims per person/household.

Table 1 – Qualifying Products and Rewards

Model Currys SKU Basket Boost Value
AIO 9 Series 504630 The value of Basket Boost product up to £50 in the UK and €50 in ROI
AIO 9 Series 504620
Ideacentre 510A-15ARR Series 591324
Ideacentre 510A-15ARR Series 242472
Ideacentre 510A-15ICB Series 716068
Ideacentre AIO 730s-24IKB Series 242343
S540-15IWL 265589 The value of Basket Boost product up to £100 in the UK and €100 in ROI
S540-15IWL GTX 265546
S540-15IWL GTX 265548
S540-IS1WL 265588
YOGA 730-13IWL 258305
YOGA 730-15IWL 258301
YOGA C630-13Q50 258295
YOGA C930-13IKB 248572
YOGA C930-13IKB 248560
YOGA S730-13IWL 265554
YOGA S730-13IWL 265553
Yoga S940-14IWL 265550
Yoga Chromebook C630 766621
Yoga Chromebook C630 532070
Yoga Chromebook C630 681677
  1. The promotion is open to residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Purchases of second hand, refurbished or reconditioned products will not qualify under this promotion. In the event the customer returns the Qualifying Product to the Qualifying Retailer, the customer will not be entitled to claim cashback. Businesses are excluded from this Promotion.

  2. Claims must be submitted online. Claims must be submitted no sooner than 28 days and no later than 60 days after the date of purchase with the day after your purchase date counting as day 1. To complete a claim, visit www.lenovocashback.com/basketboost to confirm your details and upload a copy of a valid sales receipt and serial number of the cooker. Once the claim has been submitted online you will receive an email and SMS confirmation of receipt.

  3. The sales receipt must show the Qualifying Product and Basket Boost products purchased, purchase price, date of purchase, retailer and location.

  4. Customers who submit incomplete claims will be notified by email and will be given 7 days to rectify any omissions, after this the claim for cashback will be marked as invalid.

  5. Claims will only be validated and paid if the individual named on the proof of purchase supplied matches the bank account details provided. Failure to provide matching details will result in email notification offering the opportunity to provide the required details within 7 days. If the participant still fails to comply with the terms and conditions, the claim for cashback will be marked as invalid.

  6. Payment of the Cashback Reward will be via bank transfer using the bank details provided on the claim form. The Promoter will endeavour to pay within 30 days of successful validation of your claim. No claims will be validated until 28 days after the purchase date on the receipt provided.

  7. Claims must be submitted by the end user customer only. Retailers may not submit claims on behalf of their customers.

  8. The Promoter is not responsible or liable for any technical, website or other failures outside our control that prevents the customer participating in the promotion.

  9. Where applicable any data captured during the course of the promotion will be collated, accessed, processed and stored wholly in accordance with applicable local Data Protection Laws and Regulations. Other than as set out in these terms and conditions or for the purposes of operating the Promotion, the details and information provided by the Participant when entering the Promotion or claiming the Reward will not be used for any promotional purpose, nor shall they be passed to any third party. The Promoters privacy policy can be found at: https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/privacy/

  10. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time and/or to unilaterally change the terms and conditions without incurring any liability.

  11. The Promoter is Lenovo Technology (United Kingdom) Limited, whose company number is 04912819, whose registered office is 2nd Floor, Redwood 3 Chineham Park, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom, RG24 8WQ. Please do not send any communication to this address.

  12. Email address for correspondence: help@lenovocashback.com

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